Paint With All The Autumn Colors

Paint With All The Autumn Colors

November is around the corner and fall is already here! Even the mercilessly dry heat of Arizona can’t chase the holiday seasons away. (Maybe for a month or so, but still). There is something magical about this time of year that simply makes people more creative and full of life. I know, it’s ironic this happens when all the leaves are dying such colorful deaths. 

So what does this mean for homeowners? ‘Tis the season to decorate!

But, you may be wondering “why the traditional autumn color palette? What do these colors mean?” I’m glad you three ladies on Pinterest asked. (I don’t blame you, the fall aesthetic is stunning!) 

Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen! 

Red is the color of passion and desire. Think of red apples and candies. There are plenty of these around as we draw close to the holidays when we gather with our friends and families. Next, we have many shades of orange in the mix. It is the color of positivity and harvest – think of squash and pumpkins. Feeling festive and warm inside yet? How can you not adore all the orange leaves outside?!

 An excellent accent color is yellow, which symbolizes happiness and optimism, something that we all strive to find for ourselves at this time of year. There’s also brown, representing earthiness and sincerity. That rusty wood crate is perfect for holding your jack-o-lantern, right? And last, we have dark shades of purple to reflect peace, richness, and mystery – perfect for halloween! Anyone want to get purple mist for their front porch?

It’s pretty simple when you really think about it – the fall color scheme as a whole represents the life and death of the circle of life, which we see in all the leaves and foliage. Reds and browns and hints of yellow give our minds that sense of warmth just as it gets crisp outside. It only seems right that we decorate our front porches with it. After such a long, exciting, hot summer, it’s about time we get a season of chills and new beginnings.


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