About Us

Mesa, AZ – A real estate finance company focused on lending and equity investment opportunities with strong growth potential and stable returns.

Who We Are

We help you add value to your projects. We are bankers, investors and ex-fix-and-flippers that work together to provide a critical piece of your project: the financing. You can focus on what you do best, with the assurance that we can cover your borrowing needs. We make the process easy to understand, easy to keep up with during your project, and easy to close out when the time comes. Whether it’s selling your project or refinancing with a traditional lender the successful completion of your project is our goal.

Why the Name Boomerang?

Many people have asked us why we choose Boomerang Capital as a name. There’s actually several reasons and they have to do with SKILLS. Skills to execute, Skills to deliver. Skills to return results.

Why We're the Best


We offer innovative financing solutions to our borrowers under-served by traditional banks. And, unlike other non-traditional lenders, we work for you. You talk to a real person about your project and requirements, and we work to get you going.

Fast & Dependable

You need financial certainty, and you need it fast. We get it. With proprietary software our experienced staff is available and willing to work with you right away. We have funding available and can provide reliable and predictable financing in as few as 2 business days.


We’ve helped our clients with thousands of homes and hundreds of millions of dollars of funding, across the country. Our experience helps us understand what you’re doing, and work with you to accomplish your goals. We’re proud that the majority of our borrowers are repeat clients, and we’d love to have you as one too.

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Meet the Boomerang Team

We are your partners in real estate investing. We are experienced professionals that have been personally involved in the industry for more than 14 years and understand what is needed to get the job done. Personal attention, friendly service, and timely action set us apart as lenders. Check out the best flippin’ lending team.

What We Do

We’re the best flippin’ lender! Boomerang Capital offers loans for various types of real estate investment projects from Cosmetic Flips, and Major Flips to Acquisition Funding. We are fast and dependable while providing innovative financing solutions. We strive to keep the process simple so you can focus on your project.

Acquisition Financing

Purchasing a long-term rental, or a property for short term rentals? We can help with the short-term acquisition financing to bridge the gap until long term financing comes in.

Cosmetic Flip

A cosmetic flip project usually doesn’t need a ton of work, or require the permits mandated by the more in-depth flips or remodels.

Intermediate Flip

You’re looking at a project that would require a little bit more than paint, tile, and some new fixtures; however, it’s not a full-blown construction project.

Major Flip

A major-flip is one of those projects that is going to require more time, more experience, and definitely more funding, but the end results will be something more amazing.

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