Cosmetic Flip

Cosmetic flips come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the project and the market. We work with you to get the money you need, whatever the size of the cosmetic flip.

When Opportunity Knocks, You Answer!

Cosmetic flips are like people, they come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes all they really need to look their best is a little bit of paint and window dressing. A cosmetic flip project usually doesn’t need a ton of work, or require the permits mandated by the more in-depth flips or remodels. This type of project can be a big bonus; however, they are also more challenging to acquire because they are gobbled up quickly. Boomerang Capital can help you act swiftly, so you don’t miss out. We will help you with the financing to purchase your cosmetic flip, as well as the cash to make the repairs and get the property ready to go on the market.

No Hidden Fees

We keep things simple and don’t charge you hidden fees or “junk fees” for things such as document preparation, underwriting, or other fees.

Speedy Pre-Approval

You could get pre-approved within 24 hours and get a pre-qualification letter necessary to place an offer. We won’t keep you waiting.

Trusted Lenders

We have been lending to borrowers for over a decade. You can trust that we always have our borrowers’ best interests in mind.

Adding Value

Fix & Flip

Glendale, AZ

This obviously dated, run-down split-level home in Glendale, AZ just needed a quick cosmetic flip, and our experienced borrower knew exactly what to do.

Fix & Flip

443rd Place, Phoenix, AZ

This entire area of Phoenix is undergoing a revitalization and our partner is a participant in that effort. His gorgeous fix & flip really captured the look and feel of mid-century modern aesthetics.

The Boomerang Process


Submit a Request for A Quote

Provide us some basic information about yourself and your planned project through the online application.


One of our loan officers will reach out to you

Based on the information you provide we will have a loan officer reach out to you and prepare a loan quote tailored to your specific project.


Complete the loan application process

One of our loan processors will walk you through the simple process.


We fund your loan

We can close on a loan in as short as 2-3 days. Our goal is to get you going on your project as quick as possible.

It Really Isn’t Fix-And-Flip. It’s Value-Add.

The fix and flip real estate sector really isn’t fix and flip any more, it really is much more like value add. What is the difference, and why does it matter? Tradesmen who purchase a home can do the required work at prices cheaper than what an end purchaser could. So, it really isn’t fix-and-flip, it’s value-add. Calling it what it is will help us all accurately portray the importance of what is being accomplished.


Additional Boomerang Capital Services

Boomerang Capital offers loans for various types of real estate investment projects from Acquisition Financing, Intermediate Flips and even Major Flips. We are fast and dependable while providing innovative financing solutions. We strive to keep the process simple so you can focus on your project. Let us help you find the right type of financing for your next investment project.

Acquisition Financing

Purchasing a long-term rental, or a property for short term rentals? We can help with the short-term acquisition financing to bridge the gap until long term financing comes in.

Intermediate Flip

You’re looking at a project that would require a little bit more than paint, tile, and some new fixtures; however, it’s not a full-blown construction project.

Major Flip

A major-flip is one of those projects that is going to require more time, more experience, and definitely more funding, but the end results will be something more amazing.

We’re ready to fund your next deal.

We would love to speak to you personally about your project and how we can partner with you to support your success.