FLAIA Honors Boomerang Capital For Contribution to Alternative Investment Industry

For excellence in their field The Florida Alternative Investment Association has awarded Boomerang Capital Partners, LLC their inaugural Outstanding Real Estate & Direct Lender Manager Award 2022. This was awarded in recognition of the difference Boomerang Capital has made in the alternative real estate investment industry through their educational & training efforts.

“Boomerang has been a strong contributor to our program. Their presentations are consistently of high quality and among the most well attended programs we offer through FLAIA,” said Michael Corcelli, founder and Chairman of FLAIA.

Through its training and educational programs, FLAIA strives to articulate the strength of the alternative investment industry. FLAIA identifies and works with those businesses that not only contribute to the industry’s advancement, but also provide consistently lucrative alternative investments opportunities. Boomerang Capital Partners, as one of those stand-out businesses, has been working with FLAIA since 2018.

“FLAIA has been a great partner over the past several years and we are honored to receive this distinction,” stated Rob Jafek, Principal of Boomerang Capital.

Michael Corcelli and other distinguished board members of FLAIA awarded this honor to Boomerang Capital’s Rob Jafek and Chris Sloan, Vice President of Boomerang Capital Partners, LLC, during a VIP dinner this past April in Miami, Florida.


Founded in 2006, Boomerang Capital Partners, LLC (“Boomerang”) is a private real estate finance company with a focus on asset-backed lending and equity investment opportunities with attractive returns generated by current income and appreciation.

In 2009, Boomerang established its asset-backed lending strategy to capitalize on the lending gaps and financing needs of underserved borrowers within the United States who have a strong willingness and ability to meet loan terms and are backed by good collateral.

The strategy provides borrowers with short-term, business-purpose loans that are secured by real estate in a first lien position. Boomerang’s asset-backed lending strategy has funded over 2,500 loans, representing more than $500 million of invested capital (with a foreclosure rate of <1%) since its inception.

Since 2011, Boomerang’s lending strategy has generated for investors an average net return of over 11% (1); Boomerang Finance is the current offering.



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