Balancing Home Design Trends – a guide for home flippers

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House flipping is a bit more than just lumber, nails, HVAC systems, and electrical. It’s about improving the value of a property. It’s important to have a strategy when it comes to designing a home and knowing where to put your focus in order to create a unique, yet profitable house flip, beyond the plumbing.

With home design trends coming and going, you might ask yourself if trends are

materials sample board with small blocks of building materials
Building material decisions can be influenced by a goal of sustainability.

worth pursuing in your house flip project or if you would just be better off staying in a neutral zone. So when it comes to shaping spaces, how can we as flippers balance home design trends with our fix and flip project?

Focus on flexible interior design elements
There are a couple of design trends we keep seeing around, such as curves and arches, layered lighting, tons of different mirror shapes, color confidence and updated hardware. So what’s the deal with those trends? Should we or should we not incorporate them into our home flipping projects?

The key is to think of potential buyers, not so much of your personal taste. We’ve found that, not knowing a buyer’s design preferences, a good way to handle this is to go with designs that are flexible and adaptable.

Curves and arches don’t necessarily have to be built in, but can come in the form of mirrors or artwork. If you want to follow the layered lighting trend or just get any lighting elements you feel are needed in a space, go for light fixtures that can be easily installed and removed if needed.

Another simple yet effective way to personalize your flip with trendy design elements is by using hooks and knobs to accentuate a specific style. And when it comes to colors, we suggest considering more neutral tones first, but if you simply feel like an area needs a certain pop of color, you can always go ahead and paint a wall or use removable wallpaper – Just keep in mind that unique design choices might not always resonate with a buyer.

Keep expensive, permanent features to a minimum
On the other side of the home flip design spectrum are features that are expensive and permanent. Here we’d like to remind you that following a strategy with cost-effective design choices and avoiding unnecessary expenses will most likely lead to a bigger overall ROI. Be especially mindful with implementing patterns, as mixing multiple designs might overwhelm a buyer. For example, floor tiles might be a good place to show some restraint.

Kitchen and bathrooms
In most cases, updated kitchens and bathrooms bring the highest ROI in home projects. So no matter the trends, we will always suggest focusing your attention on areas that buyers care most about, like the kitchen and bathroom.

Even by fixing minor elements in these rooms, you can improve the overall value of your property. Focus on modernizing and upgrading these spaces with quality fixtures and finishes such as some nice lighting over a kitchen island, new painting and hardware for the cabinets or updating appliances.

What about sustainability?
Sustainable products have become an important part of home designing and there are potential eco-conscious buyers out there who will appreciate a house flip that comes with a touch for sustainability. While it’s worth looking into affordable products that are better for the environment, you can start implementing sustainable elements by investing in durable and high-quality materials for fixtures, flooring and other elements that can withstand wear and tear.

Sustainability is closely tied with energy efficiency. While certain add-ons in this area can be quite costly, you could consider energy-efficient upgrades like LED lighting, insulation and efficient appliances.

Edison light bulb
LED lights are part of the green movement – energy efficiency and beauty.

Let’s not forget about the importance of curb appeal!
First impressions matter – we can’t stress this enough. According to data from Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value report, a garage door replacement holds the highest return of investment for a remodeling project. So definitely have a look at your garage doors! Other outdoor areas worth updating are outside walls, entry doors, fences and landscaping. A fresh coat of paint and some gardening go a long way!

Stand out while keeping a balance (and a budget!)
While there is no “one design concept fits all flips”, we certainly suggest that you always keep potential buyers in mind when it comes to implementing home design trends for your project. Flexible elements like light fixtures, mirrors and hardware go a long way and leave room for adjustments. And keep in mind: Trends come and go, but updating spaces like a kitchen or bathroom and your outdoor area never really go out of style!

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