Bathroom Basics

Bathroom Basics

Everyone wants to turn their house into a home. Good interior designers and homeowners want each room to tell a story. If you ask me, the bathroom is no exception. This small, but popular room is often overlooked. Just because you do your business there, it doesn’t mean the bathroom can’t be a relaxing retreat, or an energizing environment. The overall goal with transforming your bathroom is to turn it into a nice, comfortable atmosphere. Master or guest, full or half bath, your powder room is a place with great potential.

When it comes to beautifying a house and creating a comfortable feel in the home, the decor should be well thought out, the goal being a cohesive atmosphere. Whether your bathroom is big or small, it’s nice to be able to relax while you take care of your business, tend to your hygiene needs, fix your makeup, or give yourself a pep talk. You don’t need a degree in interior design, or a Pinterest board, to make small changes that can make a big impact in your bathroom. Consider these tips!


Let’s start with the basics, and what may be the cheapest thing you can do to give your bathroom a makeover.

Bathroom OrganizationFirst, organize your bathroom and purge the things you don’t use. Make use of the cabinets and storage space you have. They’re in there for a reason! There is a vast array of  organizational tools that can help you make the most of the small spaces found in the bathroom – organizational units for under counters, or behind doors. Before you get too lost in Pinterest boards looking for your dream restroom, make sure you have the essentials. Where would you store extra towels, a supply of new soaps, toilet paper rolls or extra toothbrushes? There’s a place for everything and everything should be in its place before you start the beautifying process. So start with storage – and a generous amount of purging, then you’re ready to tackle those Pinterest dreams. 

Second, choose a theme and color scheme. Do you want the bathroom to be industrial, boho, modern, or minimalist? How about different shades of blue or white, maybe modern black accents? There are infinite possibilities. Are you looking to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, or rustic cabin feel? To create a feeling of continuity throughout the entire house, you may want to carefully consider how your bathroom fits into the look of the home. That is unless you’re going for high contrast. Then you go for it! Own that design theme!

Upcycle: The Price Is Right

Let’s start with upcycling; before you go to Ikea and find an expensive shelf, seat, or book holder, go through the furniture you have in your home. To save money you can repurpose items you already own. Repaint old pieces to match your new bathroom decor or add some hooks to an old frame. For instance, if you have a set of shelves that are collecting dust in your guest room, you can paint them or distress them to match your rustic restroom or apply a faux finish to match a more polished appearance in your porcelain chamber. 

Next, consider putting up pictures or wall art to add more dynamic interest to your newly-painted walls. Try an alluring pair of paintings or sassy quotes, something that adds more of your own personality. Consider a rustic ladder against the wall to hang extra towels. A thoughtful, yet unnamed person once claimed, “a room should never allow the eye to settle in one place.” Make your powder room eye-catching for your guests and for yourself! And it doesn’t have to cost a mint.

A Touch of Luxury 

And the tips continue! Now that you’ve arranged and beautified your bathroom, why not go a step further and sprinkle in a bit of spa-like luxury? Everyone deserves some pampering, including you, or whoever is staying under your roof. It doesn’t have to be expensive or big, just simple and meaningful. 

Lighting is a powerful way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Lightbulbs are available in different colors: candlelight, warm white, neutral white, and daylight. Changing the color or type of lighting, considering neutral or cool-toned colors – can better highlight a person’s facial features while he or she looks in the mirror. So something as simple as buying different light bulbs can create a different feeling in your bathroom. 

However, if you’re looking to zhuzh things up a bit try adding vanity lights around the mirror. (Let’s be real – we all want to look good when we see our reflections). Don’t underestimate how much better everything looks with good lighting.

Small Additions Create Dramatic Impressions

Need something to bring life into your space? Let inspiration come from nature and get an indoor plant or two! Rich green leaves or pretty petals will bring a little more color to your bathroom. In fact, bathrooms are the perfect environment for growing greenery. The golden pothos thrives in a humid environment, and will make itself at home in your bathroom. Looking for something that will not only be an eye catching addition to your bathroom, but a useful one as well, try aloe vera. This interesting plant just needs a spot on your bathroom window sill to flourish, and provide you your own supply of healthy aloe. 

Taking another cue from mother-nature, try using metal finishes in your bathroom. One of the most prevalent trends in bathroom decor right now is using brass. Try incorporating brass accents, such as a brass toilet paper holder, shower head, or faucets. What about a brass-framed mirror? A subtle bit of brass can give your space a touch of elegance. 

Another subtle bathroom addition that can make a HUGE impact is an air-freshener. If you want to increase the appeal of your beautiful bathroom, find a room fragrance that helps you to feel calm. The market is filled with all kinds of air-fresheners – sprays, diffusers, incense burners, wax warmers, and essential oil diffusers. There are even air fresheners they can hide in your toilet paper roller.  If you can’t find the perfect scent or want to add more warmth and sweetness to the space, try a nice traditional candle, which brings both an inviting smell and calming light. Make every day a special occasion with a candle!

Making small, subtle changes that pack a big punch in your bathroom is well within your budget. A little organization, coupled with some judicious upcycling can create an inviting space. So swipe close your Pinterest app, and head out to the nursery to pick yourself up a new bathroom plant that will be sure to zhuzh up your porcelain palace.

Written by Brianna Shoemaker

Header Photo by James Frid from Pexels.


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