You’ve got a project that is more than a few cosmetic changes, but not a full-blown construction project – maybe a little floor plan change. Then with an intermediate loan we can help you get those changes made quickly.

Investing for Intermediate Flips

We Make Financing Easy

As an intermediate real estate investor, you know a thing or two about taking on a fix and flip. Working on an intermediate renovation brings with it additional needs such as permits, and increased building costs. We understand that acquiring building permits can be a hassle, so we aim to make securing financing as simple and as quick as possible. Turning to a private lender like Boomerang Capital not only gives you the funding you need to get your project started, but you get an experienced project partner who want to see you succeed.

Asset-Backed Lending
We are happy to fill in the lending gaps and serve the financing needs of underserved borrowers who have the ability to meet our loan terms and are backed by good collateral.
Fewer Fees
By avoiding the middle man, you can also avoid fees, including those for processing, document prep, credit checks, draw inspections, and appraisal fees.
Proof in Numbers
Boomerang Capital has funded over 2,500 loans, representing over $300 million of invested capital since our inception.

Additional Services:

Bridge loans have a faster application process as well as approval and funding compared to traditional loans. Boomerang Capital offers loans for Cosmetic Flips, Intermediate Flips, Major Flips, New Construction as well as Bridge Loans. We are fast and dependable while providing innovative financing solutions. We strive to keep the process simple so you can focus on your project. Let us help you find the right type of financing for your next fix and flip.

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