Bridge Loans

If you’re in a transitional phase and are looking to span the gap between the sale of an old home and the purchase of a new one, a bridge loan may be exactly what you need.

What is a Bridge Loan?

Get the Money You Need, And Fast

A bridge loan provides a short-term solution until you can secure permanent financing or need financing to help you transition from one house to another. Homeowners can often be faced with sudden transitions due to a work relocation or other life events and a bridge loan could help make it financially possible. These types of loans are also perfect for fix and flip situations. When you’re ready to make your move, don’t get held up by financing. At Boomerang Capital, we can execute fast and help you turn an opportunity into a reality.

Discover Bridge Loans in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, North Carolina, and Texas.

Quick and Dependable
You need certainty, and you need it fast. We have funding available and can provide reliable and predictable financing in a few as 2 business days.
Proprietary Software
Our proprietary software helps us get you what you need faster than other lenders. We understand what you’re up against and are ready to help.
No Prepay Penalty
Your bridge loan may not require payments for a few months, which can afford you some flexibility, but you won’t be penalized for prepayment.

Additional Services:

Bridge loans have a faster application process as well as approval and funding compared to traditional loans. Boomerang Capital offers loans for Cosmetic Flips, Intermediate Flips, Major Flips, New Construction as well as Bridge Loans. We are fast and dependable while providing innovative financing solutions. We strive to keep the process simple so you can focus on your project. Let us help you find the right type of financing for your next fix and flip.

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