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Real Estate Financing with Asset Based Lending

Founded in 2006, Boomerang Capital Partners, LLC (“Boomerang”) is a private real estate finance company with a focus on asset-backed lending and equity investment opportunities.

In 2009, Boomerang established its asset-backed lending strategy to fill in lending gaps and serve the financing needs of underserved borrowers; those individuals who have a strong willingness and ability to meet loan terms and are backed by good collateral.

Borrowers are provided with short-term, business-purpose loans that are secured by real estate in a first lien position.

Boomerang’s asset-backed lending strategy has funded over 2,500 loans, representing more than $300 million of invested capital (with a foreclosure rate of <1%) since its inception.

Bridge Loans

Short term opportunities can be very attractive, whether that’s your everyday business or one just comes up.  Our ability to execute quickly and with certainty can turn those opportunities into realities.

Cosmetic Flip

That home that really doesn’t need much to become turn-key and ready to be occupied.  New owners want to move into an updated, efficient home without having to go through the hassles of remodeling and are willing to pay a premium to get move-in condition.


This project is a bit involved.  Perhaps a good chunk of deferred maintenance, or possibly the need to reconfigure the space.  Whatever it needs, when you are done it will have gone from the worst on the block, to a home that now takes the neighborhood up a notch.


This one needs a lot of work, and you are up to the task.  This is a re-envisioning of the entire concept and taking it there.  The skills required are complex and involved, and your fingerprints are all over it.

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